Joy – Hope Harbor Graduate

When we sat down with Joy to speak about her life before entering Hope Harbor she described her life as “a mess” As Joy explained her life to us, we asked her if we could posture her interview as if she were speaking directly to a young female on the fence about making the call to Hope Harbor before jail became a reality.

Joy’s response was very clear. “If my mess of a story can plant a seed in just 1 person and possibly save them, please share my story.” With a deep breath on the other end of the line, we began.

The final straw for me was waking up in an abandoned home with nothing.

In search of herself, Joy took a walk on the streets and at the expense of her innocence she earned a six pack of beer and an encounter with the police. 7 months in jail and 4 District Attorneys later with prison in her future, Joy met an angel who served in prison ministry, named Darlene. Darlene educated Joy about Hope Harbor and Joy became determined to make Hope Harbor her home.

In 2009, Joy graduated HH after a 12 month commitment to the program. She goes on to explain her first night at Hope Harbor. “I laid there quietly in my bed and I told God I wanted a personal & intimate relationship with Him. Words cannot explain the transformation that took place in my life from that point forward. Hope Harbor was my new beginning and I received unconditional love from people who didn’t even know me.”

We asked Joy if she had words of encouragement for anyone struggling with the forces of addiction who may be reading her testimony and needs a gentle push to make the call.

When all hope is lost, there is Hope Harbor. If you are ready for the vicious cycle to end and if you are ready for a life change, make the call because God is not finished with you. Please make the call.

Hope Harbor is a pathway toward positive life change for residents who desire to become functioning citizens of society without addiction dependencies while cultivating & maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Lisa – Hope Harbor Graduate

Lisa shared her story with us so that the world understands just how impactful Hope Harbor was in her life then and today.

Growing up just going through the motions of church as a young child Lisa felt a tug on her heart from God, but like many of us at a young impressionable age, that Holy Spirit calling was pushed aside and ignored.

Navigating through lower, middle and high school years with low self-esteem and feeling incredibly inadequate, Lisa allowed herself to mask her inadequacies by hanging out with the wrong crowd & covered up her sorrows as the years passed turning to drugs and alcohol. After eliminating relationships & becoming a secluded alcoholic, Lisa found herself seeking help but to the tune of thousands of dollars at unaffordable rehab centers. Lisa kept hitting dead end roads and inevitably found trouble instead. That trouble unfortunately landed her in a jail cell.

With a compassionate Attorney who held the desire to see Lisa get the help she desperately sought, he mentioned the Hope Harbor Ministries Program. Lisa was all in, ready, willing and God found her a way. Lisa entered the Program at Hope Harbor with an open heart, an open mind and was ready to put in the work it took to become a changed woman. And she accomplished that goal!

I didn’t work the Program. The Program worked me. It was God. All God.

6 years later – Lisa is thriving at life working, enjoying time with friends, family and her 3 fur babies…. Bella, Ava & Brick. Lisa prides herself in the kitchen as she is an avid chef & she loves sharing her testimony with her coworkers. Lisa goes on to say “you just never know who is struggling in life and I just want everyone to know that God has got you.”

We asked Lisa if she had a wise offering of advice to a young lady out there in this great big overwhelming world who may be struggling with the decision to make Hope Harbor their home for healing.

1 year of life changing help far outweighs years of addiction, abuse and depression. Hope Harbor is where you’ll find kindness, love, direction, compassion and God and I encourage any struggling individual to go and just meet with them because at Hope Harbor is where you’ll truly discover your hope, your spirit and your joy.

You’ll see Lisa at many of our Hope Harbor events as she loves giving back to Hope Harbor by serving her time and sharing her cooking knowledge with us.

LaTonya – Hope Harbor Graduate

In the year 2000, just like any teenager, I graduated high school with plans and dreams. I never expected a year later that I would fall into a deep depression from the ending of my engagement & long term relationship with my HS sweetheart.

At the young age of 19, I didn’t know how to cope with the pain, so I turned to drugs. My drug of choice was crack-cocaine & the life I had known didn’t exist anymore. The same year, I experienced grief over the tragic & sudden loss of my loving Dad. I was unable to be a functional mother to my 2 children. I lost everything & my drug life destroyed everything I cared for and loved.

In 2007, I found myself in jail twice. When I finally came home I decided, no more – that was enough.

I was no longer going to put my family through my addiction life. I couldn’t bear living the way that I was.

I learned about Hope Harbor Ministries from 2 special women. Upon volunteering, I made up my mind that I was going to commit to the 12 month faith based program and I’m so thankful I made that decision.

The unconditional love given to me and the God centered program & environment inside Hope Harbor changed and transformed me. I know that if not for Hope Harbor Ministries my life wouldn’t have been restored.

Today, I am redeemed and clean. I was a student resident at Hope Harbor from June 2007-2008 and since then, I have been jail-free. I have a handsome adult son and a beautiful teenager daughter that I cherish so much. They were just babies 15 yrs ago and I missed so much that I do not take for granted today. Today, I have a very strong bond with my children, family and my friends. I have a job that I absolutely love as I am a passionate Certified Nursing Assistant, where my job consists of caring for the elderly including my mom. In my spare time, I’m a proud & dedicated Marching Band Mom.

In closing, thank you for reading my story. God, the Hope Harbor staff, the people who support & contribute to Hope Harbor & my family IS THE REASON I stand BOLD and say THANK YOU for helping women with addiction change their lives. It ALL matters and is the reason I give back to HH Ministries myself… help other women just like me.

Change a life today

Giving back to the One who gave it all for us. Giving hope to those who need it.